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Cabaret calls performers back onstage

WED. | 05-05-21 | NEWS

     On Thursday, May 6 at 7 p.m., Rose theater will be holding a Cabaret with a Broadway musical theme in the performing arts center. Masks and social distancing will be required, and 180 seats will be available for free on a first-come first-serve basis.

     Students auditioned online by performing a piece of their choice. 14 total students were chosen to perform 11 different numbers. 

     “Students were selected based on how well they knew their piece and whether or not we felt as though they could be performance-ready by May 6,” Cabaret director Jacquline Golebiowski said. 

     Preparation for the Cabaret has included at least three individual rehearsals, blocking work and coaching from the fine arts teachers and interns upon request.

     Freshman A’kira Mccassling chose to perform the song “Santa Fe” from Newsies as the character Jack Kelly and found there were several learning curves.

     “Learning how to sing with your mask on was also another thing, just making sure that you still open your mouth for the notes even though there’s something covering it,” Mccassling said. “Mrs. [Golebiowski] is trying to order these masks that are away from the mouth so you can hear us and we’re not too muffled.”

     The Cabaret will be the first in-person performance theater has been able to hold since the COVID-19 pandemic began. 

     “I’m most looking forward to having a live audience,” Golebiowski said. “Each of these individuals is very talented, and I’m excited for them to have the opportunity to showcase their talent.”

     Students are also getting excited and many have chosen to dress

Theater Cabaret contributed.jpeg

Photo contributed by Jacquline Golebiowski

up as their characters for the performance.  

     “I’m looking forward to the performance itself,” Mccassling said. “I’m nervous, but also excited at the same time and just there being more theatre stuff since it is my first year and I’m going to be taking theater again.”

     In the future, many more live performances are expected both from Rose’s performing arts courses. 

     “It’s kinda biased because I do like Newsies, but I think Newsies would be a cool performance for Rose to do,” Mccassling said. “I don’t know what the guidelines for their performances are, but I think it’s a very good musical to do because there [are] a lot … more main roles than just assembly, so more people can be in the spotlight.”

     It is recommended that those interested in attending this unticketed performance arrive early for priority seating. Students interested in getting involved in future theater performances can contact Golbiwoski at

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