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Brown heads into a football future

WED. | 03-09-22 | SPORTS

     Rose varsity football starting linebacker Klavon Brown is committed to Winston Salem State University and officially signed on Monday, Feb 14th. Brown has been playing football for five years now and has played at Rose all four years. Brown is looking forward to continuing his athletic career at Winston Salem State. 

     Brown’s love for football started with him throwing a football around in his backyard when he was younger. Brown was on junior varsity (JV) for his first two seasons at Rose, and these last two seasons he has been on varsity. Brown practices every


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day by training, running and watching previous games.

​     “[In practice, we] run and go over film [to] make sure we are perfect for game time,” Brown said. 

     Brown’s biggest inspiration to play football was his parents. Thanks to his parents influencing and encouraging him to play, he made a big impact on the Rose team. Brown has made many special relationships with his team and coaches. 

     “Rose had a huge impact on me; [the] coaches made me feel like a [part of their] family,” Brown said. 

     Through Brown’s commitment process to Winston Salem State, he has realized his love and appreciation for Rose football. Brown is upset to be leaving his Rose family because of the close relationships that they have made over the past four years. 

     “My brothers and coaches — I will miss them, and just playing on the field for the last time, it hurts,” Brown said. 

     When Brown went to Winston Salem State, he fell in love with the college. He loved the way it made him feel at home and he loved the people there. 

     “The school felt [like] at home and I really loved it,” Brown said. “I loved the coaches and out of all the schools, they gave me the best offer.”

     Brown’s head coach Will Bland is thankful for all that Brown brought to the team. Bland deemed Brown a very coachable player. 

     “On the field, he's a team player; he does everything the coaches ask and he demands respect from the other teammates,” Bland said. ”He's not the guy that's going to yell at you or anything like that, so he has encouraged a lot of players to be the best they can be.”

     Brown not only shows his leadership skills on the field, but also in class. Director of Operations and Rose math teacher Nicole Leary was one of Brown’s coaches, but also one of his teachers. She recognizes Brown’s leadership ability on and off the field.

     “He helps in any way [he] can, does his work, gets along with people all the time and he's overall a great kid,” Leary said. “He's one of the biggest leaders on the team on both sides of the ball.” 

     Over the past four years that Brown has been on the football team, he has grown as a player and as a person. 

     “[He’s] gone from being that guy that's energetic [who] just wanted to go out there and do anything to make a team win, to being able to settle down, take the coaching [and] do what the coach tells you and not trying to do everything by yourself or on your own,” Bland said. “He has grown in that aspect, but he's still got a long way to go, because now he's got to get ready for the next level.”

     Brown is going to be greatly missed by his football family. After all he has brought and done for the team, it is hard for them to let go of him. 

     “[Brown is] a hard worker, a guy that's willing to do anything for the team, a very coachable kid, a very smart and intelligent guy and that backup running back that we needed so much this year,” Bland said. “His ability to run through the defense and get some extra yards to complement Micheal Allen — we are going to lose a guy like that.” 

     As Brown moves on to the next level, his Rose family will support him and wish him the best of luck. 

     “When you make it to the leagues, come back and see us,” Bland said.

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