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Brooks blooms as a teacher at Rose

WED. | 10-11-22 | FEATURES

     Since long-time Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH) teacher Amity Kea transitioned into a new position this year, first year teacher Grace Brooks has stepped up to fill the role. 

     Brooks is originally from Frederick, Virginia and obtained her teaching degree at East Carolina University, graduating in the spring of 2022.

     “I have taught at the daycare level, but this is my first year teaching in high school,” Brooks said. 

     She completed her internship at Greene Central High School during the 2021-2022 school year. With the 


Photo by Hank Adams

time she spent there, Brooks observed that each student has a distinct way of learning.“Everyone learns at a different pace,” Brooks said. “It is the teacher’s job to make sure that every student is learning in a way that is best for them.”

     Brooks recalls having the passion to be an educator since she was in kindergarten. She has also always shown a particular interest in one subject. 

     “I have always loved history because everything came from something,” Brooks said. “You get to learn it in history and find out how we got to where we are now.”

     She chose to teach at Rose because of her first impression of the inviting atmosphere.

     “I liked the sense of team [at Rose],” Brooks said. “The social studies department was great and I felt very welcome.”

     Since Kea taught APUSH for 10 years, Brooks has the task of taking the role and molding it to fit her style. 

     “There are definitely big shoes to fill, but the [social studies] department and Kea herself has said, ‘don’t worry about it and make it your own’,” Brooks said. 

     Kea has been in and out of Rose with her new job as the K-12 Social Studies District Curriculum Specialist/High School Facilitator, and has stepped in Brooks’ classroom to lend a helping hand when needed. 

      “Kea especially has given me everything and has been there every step of the way,” Brooks said. “I want to make sure I am grading everything the way [college board] will grade it, and [Kea] has been an AP reader for 15 years, so it is good to have that expertise.”

     With the help of Kea and the social studies department, Brooks has enjoyed her time at Rose so far. She appreciates the diversity seen around the school as well. 

     “In my high school I was one of 15 people of color, so it is really cool to come here as a person of color and see the diversity that Rose has,” Brooks said. “I just think that it's awesome.”

     With that, Brooks wants to ensure that her students all have the same chances through her teaching. 

     “I [believe in] giving everyone an equal opportunity and never assuming somebody’s capabilities because of their background,” Brooks said. 

     She is looking forward to completing the rest of the school year alongside her students, who motivate her. 

     “I am [looking forward] to building relationships and getting to know all of my students on a more personal level,” Brooks said. “They make everyday worth coming to school; I love it.”

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