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A day in the life of a Rampant: Brad Garland

SAT. | 11-06-21 | FEATURES

     High school can be very stressful for teenagers. Some students are put under so much pressure to perform well in school and to be the best at everything, which can be very draining to a lot of teens. But imagine having a job and playing a sport along with keeping your education a priority. Brad Garland, a senior at Rose, has figured out how to manage his time wisely while working, playing a sport and being a student. 

     Garland works at McDonalds on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday each week from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

     “I take orders, do cashier work and run orders from car to car if we're busy,” Garland said.

     Not only does Garland stay busy with work; he also runs cross country along with spring and winter track. 

     “On an average workday, I try to finish all of my homework within the school day, [so] if I have practice or work, i’ve done everything beforehand and can go home and go straight to bed,” Garland said. 

     Garland says that being so busy has been helpful in many ways and has taught him the importance of good time management. 

     “I try to get everything done within school hours, and if not I could do my school work and study during work on my break,” Garland said. 

     Although it has been helpful with learning time management skills, Garland expressed that being so 

brad garland

Photo by Averi Simpson

busy can sometimes cause him to fall behind in his school work. 

“Sometimes being so busy causes me to lose sleep, especially when I am working, so sometimes I have to go home and I'm so tired that I go straight to bed and just have to deal with my assignments the next morning.”

 Garland puts school first, but when it is necessary he puts his job over his sports. 

“If I have a sporting event after school I'm going to have to skip that and go to work instead,” Garland said. 

Garland has come up with a good system that works well for him and has suggested some tips for other students who may be just as busy as him.

 “Don't stress yourself out over this; most teachers are understanding, so if you do have days where you're not able to finish your school work, just let your teachers know and they will probably have a refresh session open for you,” Garland said. “Just communicate with your teachers and make sure they know what's going on.” 

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