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Boyer swings high and overcomes obstacles

Thurs| 1-26-22 | SPORTS

     Former Rose volleyball player Sydney Boyer is now a Tiger at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Boyer is a freshman student-athlete and plays right side hitter for Trinity’s women’s volleyball team. This past season, Trinity University just fell short of claiming the National College Athletic Association Division III national championship title.

     Boyer started playing volleyball in the fourth grade and has been playing ever since. She had originally started playing to pass time and was not serious about the sport until she saw her own progress. Her drive for the game became even more important as she transitioned from high school to college.

     “I thought it was just something I was going to do for fun, but when I saw myself getting better and better at it, then that's when I began seeing myself being able to do it in the future,” Boyer said. “In high school it was one of those things where if I wasn't doing school work I could go to volleyball, but here it's that I'm constantly focusing on volleyball, the game plan and my mindset.”

     Although Boyer loved high school volleyball, by senior year she was ready for a new challenge.

     “I've never been on a team that wants to win as much as I do, so they definitely push me to be a better player and a better team player,” Boyer 


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 said. “I feel like in high school the ‘end all be all’ is to go to the state championship and that is a big deal, but here [at Trinity] since you're playing teams across the country, there's a lot more on the line and I'm more driven because of that.”

      Even from the short amount of time that Boyer has been playing for Trinity, she has already seen herself, as an individual player, becoming an even better player.

      “At Rose, everyone had one court and everyone kind of had to do the same thing, whereas here we have three different courts set up, so it is definitely more focused on getting myself better or my position better,” Boyer said. “In high school a lot of people don't necessarily play at the next level, so it's not that big of a deal to them to get better because they just want to play, but when you come here [college], everyone wants to better everyone else.”

      Being a student athlete at the collegiate level looks different than it did in high school and Boyer’s goals for college don’t stop at volleyball. She is also planning on becoming an orthodontist.

      “It’s very challenging, especially here, because it is such a highly academic school and with us traveling so much,” Boyer said. “We do miss a lot of class, and with that you are having to basically teach yourself everything and it becomes very overwhelming at times.”

      Boyer is beyond grateful for the support she has received from her family and friends throughout her volleyball career. She has torn her ACL three times, the third time in September of her freshman year at Trinity, and her parents have been by her side to help her through it all.

     “They always want what's best for me,” Boyer said. “Any time I got hurt they told me they supported me either way if I decide to go back [to volleyball] or not and any time I do play, they are always there; especially flying out to Texas to see me play, I couldn't ask for anything more than that.”

     Overall, Boyer is enjoying all of the aspects of being a student-athlete at Trinity University and recommends other high school athletes to someday challenge themselves at an academic and athletic collegiate level too. She also recommends students not only look at the schools themselves but also at the people who will be on the teams with them.

     “I would definitely suggest at least giving it a shot and if it doesn't work out you can always transfer or go somewhere else, but I would also take the time to research any schools you are interested in,” Boyer said. “Get to know the people on the team before you go there because you're pretty much with them almost every day for the next four years.”

      At the end of the day, Boyer’s teammates are a large contribution to her love for Trinity volleyball and her determination to better herself as a player.

     “Some of my biggest supporters are definitely my teammates,” Boyer said. When I was back from my injuries and I was able to play, they just kept singing my praises and let me know the great player I was, even though I couldn't always see it.”

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