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Boyd has future in baseball business

TUES| 12-20-22 | SPORTS

     Rose senior Owen Boyd is a multi-sport athlete and is trying to become a multi-millionaire by becoming a General Manager (GM) of a professional sports team in the future.

     Seniors in high school are under a lot of pressure and stress due to the process of applying for college. One of the biggest decisions in college is your major. Roughly half of high school seniors do not know what they want to major in while in high school. This is not the case for Boyd.

     “I plan to major in business and financing,” Boyd said.

     There are many things a person can do with a business and financing degree such as an accounting, budget analyst and financial analyst. These are all the most common jobs with a business finance degree, but Boyd has bigger plans.

     “With my degree I hope to become a GM of a Major League Baseball (MLB) team,” Boyd said.

     Being a general manager of an MLB team is not an easy job. You must 


Photo by Ives Howard 

acquire talent that will make your team better, all while managing the money of the franchise.

     “General Managing has a lot to do with running a business and managing money,” Boyd said. “The business major will really help with that and also the financing.”

     A lot of times people that are GM’s of professional sports teams have also previously played the sport they are now managing. This part of the job also aligns with Boyd.

     “I have been playing baseball now for 12 years,” Boyd said.

     Boyd feels like he would be a great fit for this job, because he has a true passion for the game, not just on the field, but also off the field, dealing with all the ins and outs that makes the team who they are. 

     “I love the game of baseball,” Boyd said. “I figured out that I wanted to go into the business side of the world and a general manager of baseball deals with the roster, which I love; then the business side deals with all the income that the owner will give the team, so the GM can dish out the money to different players and bring in the players they think can really help out the team.”

     Boyd did not always have a huge interest in this career path, but over the years he has seen himself fall more in love with the idea of being a GM. Senior Keller Fraley, also has an interest in the same career path. Fraley is one of the people that introduced Boyd to the career.   

     “In 11th grade Keller told me about how he wanted to be a GM,” Boyd said. “I was like, oh yeah, that's cool, but as the summer went on, I decided that I wanted to go into the business world.”

     Boyd does not personally know anyone that is currently a GM for a professional sports team, but he does look up to a current GM of a Nation Football League (NFL) team as a role model.

     “I look up to Brandon Beane,” Boyd said. “He is the GM of the Buffalo Bills, and I heard an interview of him talking to Pat McAfee and I was like wow that sounds awesome; he gets paid a ton of money and he gets to do what he loves.”

      Next year Boyd plans to attend either Appalachian State University, or Campbell University. Boyd feels that these colleges have the right programs and classes to set him up for success.

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