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Bonds battles injury during his senior season

THURS.| 06-09-22 | SPORTS

      Varsity baseball pitcher Tyler Bonds injured his lower back after the team’s tenth game, keeping him from finishing his regular senior season. Bonds hopes to be back for the playoffs, but if not, it could end his Rose career. Bonds is in the process of recovery and hoping to come back as soon as possible. 

     Bonds has been playing baseball since he was six years old and is now the star pitcher for the team. Losing him due to a lower back injury will take away a key component of the team, but Bonds believes that they can do it and he will support them while he is out. 

     “They are lacking an extra arm for the playoffs,” Bonds said. “Although it will be more

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difficult with one of our arms down, the guys we have pitching right now can get it done.” 

     Bond's injury did not happen while he was on the field. He continued to play not thinking much about it, and his injury progressed. 

     “The injury first happened when I was lifting weights, then got worse when I pitched against New Bern,” Bonds said. 

      Due to this injury, Bonds was out for the rest of the regular season. Considering it is Bonds’ senior season, he was greatly disappointed that he did not get to play the last game against Rose’s big rival, Conley. 

      “Not being able to pitch against Conley was definitely the worst part of the injury,” Bonds said. “I had been looking forward to that game all year, and not being able to pitch definitely hurt.”

      His team and coaches have been supporting him throughout the recovery process. Not only have they been supporting him emotionally, but they have also helped him physically. 

      “They have been very supportive and understanding,” Bonds said. “Not just with words though; some of my teammates and coaches also help with the stretches I have to do for recovery.” 

      Bonds has been distracting himself from his injury by working out. He is limited to things he can do in the gym, but he does the things that he is capable of doing to stay active.

      “[My coping mechanism is] definitely working out,” Bonds said. “There are some things I can’t do in the gym right now because of my back, but the things I can do are definitely a great coping mechanism for me.” 

      Bonds is graduating this year and is committed to Pitt Community College to pursue his baseball career.  

      “[I will miss] my teammates and coaches of course, but what I will miss most is the feeling of getting a huge win against our rival team, D.H. Conley,” Bonds said. 

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