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September 27th, 2019

District 1 board member resigns

WED. | 1-28-24 | NEWS


     Monday, Feb. 5, at the Pitt County Schools (PCS) Board of Education meeting, Tracy Everette-Lenz resigned two years early from her term as District 1 representative. 

     District 1 includes Rose, Pitt County Early College High School, Ridgewood Elementary and South Greenville Elementary. Everette-Lenz was first elected to the board in 2018, where she served a four-year term until 2022 when she was re-elected for a second term. Her term was not set to expire until 2026, which leaves Rose and other District 1 schools temporarily without a representative.

     Kelly Weaver, District 7 Representative and PCS Board of Education vice-chair, said Everette-Lenz’s resignation is a result of personal and family circumstances. 


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Graphic by Maya Swaggerty

     "I know how committed [Everette-Lenz] is to serving the students of Pitt County, and [she wants] to make sure that the person filling that role is able to serve in the way that it deserves,” Weaver said.

     According to PCS Policy Code 2115, board members will be replaced with applicants reviewed by remaining members of the PCS Board of Education until the next scheduled election, which will be in the fall of 2024. To apply, individuals must submit an up-to-date resume along with a letter of intent expressing why they wish to be a member of the board. Applicants must live in District 1, be over 21 years of age and be a qualified voter.

     When choosing a replacement board member, many factors influence who is selected. Weaver believes that some important factors to consider are selecting diverse voices and individuals who stay involved in our schools.

     “I really hope for diverse voices; I think having input from people from all backgrounds and experiences [is important],” Weaver said. “It’s so important because we serve a very wide and diverse population.”

     Everette-Lenz mentioned in her resignation letter read by District 2 representative and board chair Amy Cole in the February board meeting that she requests the board to select a member who is committed to keeping politics out of public education and will not abuse this role politically. Weaver believes the board should actively consider this when selecting a new member.

     “One of the things that’s most important about our board, our Pitt County Schools Board of Education, is that we are a nonpartisan board,” Weaver said. “So, our board is making decisions not based on politics but based on what our students need and providing a good education to all students.”

     Some logistics about this position must still be worked out by the PCS Board of Education. Weaver said that the board will take advice from their in-house council and from the Pitt County Board of Elections to carry out this process accordingly. There will also be a board work session on Feb. 19 to work out any problems or uncertainties and to start the application process.

     While Everette-Lenz was Rose’s District 1 representative, board members represent all students in the county. Weaver said that students and parents can always contact any board members with any issues.

     “Anyone would be free to reach out to any of us, and we would be there to support you and your concerns,” Weaver said. “We will all continue to support Rose.”

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