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BodyArmor Games

FRI| 5-12-23 | SPORTS

Sports Staff Writer Timmy Gates

     The BodyArmor states games are an annual occurrence where 20 players get chosen for ten different district teams across the state of North Carolina. The games are played in Charlotte and baseball tryouts were Saturday April 22. 

     Junior pitcher Davis Hathaway was asked to try out by the varsity head baseball coach Ronald Vincent.

     “This impacts me because it is a good opportunity to get in front of college coaches to show what I have and get recruited,” Hathaway said. 

     Hathaway has spent many hours practicing and trying to figure out different ways to improve his game.

     “I work hard every day at practice and even on the weekends I try to do extra work,” Hathaway said.“I try to get better every day and make my team better.”

     Hathaway found love for baseball at a very young age and was inspired by his dad.

     “I’ve played ever since I was three or four, whenever I could pick up a ball, especially a baseball and a bat with my dad in the yard,” Hathaway said.


Photo by Owen Simmons

     Before tryouts, Hathaway knew he had to have a great day pitching to make the team. He knew many coaches would be present, and his goal was to be recognized for what he has to bring to the team.

    “It’s a great opportunity to get in front of coaches and for coaches to get interested in me,” Hathaway said.

     Hathaway hopes that being selected by Rose coaches to try out for the BodyArmor state games will push other teammates to keep working and trying to achieve their goals.

     Hathaway wasn’t the only player selected from Rose to try out for these games, but he hopes everyone gets a knock at being on the team.

     “I think [being selected for the games] impacts my teammates and to show that we aren’t led most by seniors, but that we are a really deep team,” Hathaway said.

     During tryouts, Hathaway felt good throwing a career-high 87 miles per hour fastball and was locating his curveballs well.

     Two weeks later, Hathaway figured out that he had made the team and that coaches are looking forward to working with Hathaway.

     Being selected as one of the top 20 players in this part of the state feels pretty special to Hathaway because his work is starting to pay off from the hours he’s spent playing since he was a kid.

     Hathaway will have games in Charlotte and can’t wait to play at Truist Park in Charlotte and at the University of North Carolina Charlotte baseball field.

     “I’m looking forward to playing in Charlotte and playing there in June with the beautiful scenery and it’ll be really cool to be in downtown Charlotte with all the buildings in the backdrop,” Hathaway said.

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