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Blount's thoughts on election

WED.| 1-4-23 | OPINION

     As midterm elections wrap up in the month of November, and the annoying election ads come to an end, there are many emotions voters must come to terms with as results are released across the United States. 

     There were many expected and unexpected events that took place during the 2022 midterm elections. With both chambers of congress split by the democratic and republican parties, democrats bearing the senate and republicans holding the house, there have been close calls and votes that have taken weeks to count for many states since election day. 

     For North Carolina (NC) election results, Republican representative Tedd Budd defeated Democratic representative Cheri Beasley in a tight race for a senate seat following Richard Burr’s retirement. Budd took the lead by 50.7 percent, following Cheri Beasley at 47.1 percent. Congressman Budd’s win comes with 

2022 midterm elections.png

Graphic by Ginny Blount

some issues as he has downplayed the Jan. 6 insurrection as well as called those capital rioters “Patriots”. Republican voters in NC may have valued his motive for more job creation and his value of constitutional values, as listed on his platform. I was really hoping for Beasley to win this election, however, that was not the case. 

     State Senator Don Davis has defeated Sandy Smith in regards to the first Congressional District. Davis, a previous Air Force officer and mayor for Snow Hill clearly has political experience in order to serve well in office. The NC House of Representatives race for Pitt County District 9 took place as well. Republican representative Tim Reeder defeated Democratic representative and Rose alumni Brian Farkas. 

     Although Farkas is younger, he has more political experience from being elected in 2020 for the NC house. His ideals cater to Greenville’s community with his goals of strengthening Public Education in schools and increasing teacher pay. In contrast, Reeder has no past political experience, although he is a devoted republican with ideals for the community, his past career as an Emergency Physician doesn't compare to Farkas’ prior position in the NC House. From my point of view this race was for sure a nail-biter. Farkas lost this race short of 462 votes which is extremely close for such a wide spread election. 

     Other states were still counting votes over a week after election day. Because some states are holding gubernatorial elections, there has been tension and anxiety regarding the results. Although NC is not to have a gubernatorial election until 2024, it makes me wonder who will win and the possible candidates due to Roy Cooper's second term ending in 2024. There have been controversies in certain states for gubernatorial elections concerning ideals such as Roe vs Wade. With the re-election of Greg Abbott, there is no chance for change in abortion rights for the citizens of Texas. Abortion rights were one of the many factors swaying votes democratically for this mid-term election, regarding the overturn of Roe vs Wade back in June of this year. This is an important factor to me as well, my concerns go out to Texans who won't have this right due to this election. 

     Overall, I was disappointed by Brain Farkas not being re-elected for NC House as well as surprised considering he was an incumbent. I also hope the best for new representatives across America being elected in office positions.

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