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Blounts steps to success in the 'Nailed It' challenge

MON. | 12-12-22 | FEATURES

     If you want your cake near perfection, you must follow tedious steps to achieve that. After multiple failed attempts, from burning my cake layers to adding the wrong measurements, I think I finally “nailed it”. After my third attempt, the cake was the best that I could have made it. To achieve this masterpiece, I started out at Walmart where I collected all of the ingredients needed to make the cake from scratch. After I got home I realized I forgot baking powder, which was a crucial ingredient for my layers to give it the lift  


Photo by Virginia Blount

and height it needed.

     So after my second trip to my local supermarket, I had all of the necessary ingredients and began to whip up the cake batter. After I made the cake batter I divided it up into three circular nine-inch pans and baked them in the oven for about thirty minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While the cakes were baking, I melted milk chocolate wafers over the stovetop to make antlers. I printed out an outline of antlers and piped the chocolate on top of parchment paper to mold them. 

     While the antlers were hardening in the fridge, I made the vanilla buttercream that would cover the entire cake. After the buttercream and antlers were done, the cakes were ready and had to cool for about thirty minutes. After they cooled, I leveled and stacked the three layers and left them in the freezer for about two hours to hold everything together. After they were done in the freezer, I frosted the whole cake in white buttercream. Then colored the frosting with green and red dye to make the accents on the cake. After piping everything out onto the cake I added the last few touches. I put the fondant red nose on the front, added some edible gold glitter, put the antlers on and added some sprinkles for the final touch. Then it was ready to be eaten! 

     After bringing in my cake to be judged, I felt a little nervous seeing the other cakes. They were really impressive and I knew I was up for competition. The cakes were all judged based on presentation as well as taste. Mrs. Hutchinson's blind taste tasted all four of the cakes and gave us her compliments and criticism. After a tough decision, Mrs. Hutchinson chose my cake as the winner! I honestly was not expecting it but felt proud in the moment. I was really impressed with everyone’s cakes and hope to compete again in the future!

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