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Blount tunes out Apple Music


     The heated and ongoing debate of whether Spotify or Apple Music is better will never be solved, however, I can give you my take on this hot matter. Firstly, I will express that I am a Spotify user and that Spotify will always remain the number one music streaming service, especially over Apple Music. 

     The end of every year calls for an overview of all types of music we listened to. The famous Spotify Wrapped has me covered with an in-depth evaluation of the range of music I listened to over the year. Wrapped offers a slideshow with the most listened genres and top-listed songs, albums and artists. Not to mention, every year Wrapped makes a top 100 playlist where you can reminisce on your top 100 songs of


Graphic by Ginny Blount

the year, based on how many times you played them. It’s really nice to see other Spotify users sharing their Wrapped on social media, where we can compare and relate to the unique experience it offers each year. When I see Apple Music users posting their end-of-the-year music overview, it almost feels like they are trying to hop on the bandwagon of Spotify Wrapped; they want to be included in something they simply don't have. 

     Don't even get me started on the basic mechanics of Apple Music. It is really confusing to queue songs in proper order. A simple right swipe puts songs in the queue for Spotify. I've tried to do this on Apple Music and it puts each song “next in line” instead of in a queue. In order to put a song into a queue you have to click the 3 dots, then find the queue button in a list of around 12 other titles. 

     Both music streaming services offer a great variety of customizable playlists, however, Spotify offers “Daily Mix” playlists, more specifically five days a week. These “Daily Mixes” have introduced me to artists and songs that I would have never found if it weren't for Spotify. I will say that Spotify knows my music taste more than me by making playlists for me that I can listen to throughout the week. 

     When it comes down to the fundamentals, which one costs more? The answer to that is neither, they cost the same for the standard subscription, both sitting at $9.99 a month. Deals and family plans may reduce the cost. One unique factor of Spotify is its collaboration with Hulu streaming services, because of my Spotify Premium subscription I got a standard Hulu subscription for free. Yes, for free. I utilize this to the maximum, I'm now constantly watching films and shows on Hulu all because I am subscribed to Spotify Premium. 

     I will say that this ongoing debate will never be solved; there's always that one Apple Music user who tries to fight me on this, even after I listed all these reasons why Spotify is better. Just face it, Spotify will always be number one. 

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