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Blount enjoys fun fall activities

WED.| 11-29-23 | OPINION

     The season of fall brings an endless amount of fun activities to enjoy, which is honestly why fall may just be the best season of them all. I write today to tune everyone in on some of the best fall activities to partake in. 

     First, let us start off strong and note the obvious; pumpkin carving. Although this is a given when the fall season rolls around, you just can not beat it. Every year, I manage to get my hands on at least one pumpkin to carve and display on my front porch. Being that I am not the most artistic in my carving abilities, I focus on the fun of carving pumpkins and not the artistic disaster of a jack-o-lantern I created. Pinterest is always my go-to for inspiration on pumpkin designs so I can create the best-carved pumpkin in the patch. 

     Not only am I a fan of pumpkin carving, I am a fan of all things pumpkin spice. Each year it is a must that I try Starbucks' fall menu full of fabulous drinks. I am definitely a caffeine addict and there is no better way to continue that than trying their best fall drinks. My personal favorite is the “Iced Pumpkin Cream Chai Tea Latte,” you simply cannot go wrong with this choice. 

     A more recent fall tradition that I have taken up is attending haunted houses. Growing up, I was always the one sitting outside of the haunted house waiting for my friends to come out. Last year, I decided that there was enough of this nonsense, and I went to a haunted trail. There are surprisingly plenty of places to get a good scare around Pitt County, my favorite spot so far being the haunted trail in Pactolous. Something about a good scare during the spooky season makes the tradition all the more fun. 

    There are plenty of activities to take part in during the fall, but one thing I love the most is staying at home and watching Halloween movies. I am not the biggest fan of horror films, so movies like “Hocus Pocus” and “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” have to be my favorites without all the scares. 

     One of the most memorable and unique fall activities I have ever done is going to an apple orchard. Being able to hand-pick your snack for the rest of the week is even better. Not only was I able to eat these apples, but making apple crisp dessert and apple cider was the best part of it all. 

      As the fall season is in full swing, it is important that I am able to enjoy activities that I love during my favorite time of the year while also giving tips on some of the best spots to hit during this season. 

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