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Blount brings helpful ways to stay motivated

MON.| 2-27-23 | OPINION

     Managing school work comes in different forms for all students, whether that be students playing sports, having a job or being a part of any other after-school activity. I am here today in hopes of sharing my study tips to help fellow Rose students stay motivated and organized for the school year while also having non-academic responsibilities. 

     Firstly, one of the main factors that plays into managing my school work is having a routine. I stand by the fact that having a routine will set you up for success, every little aspect of it definitely matters. In my daily routine, I try to complete schoolwork before doing other activities. With this being said, I try to do most of my schoolwork during my second period and refresh when I am home due to being off-campus for an online class. This designated time allows me to have the rest of the afternoon off for sports and other activities.

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Photo by Ava Alger

     I do understand that the majority of students have all four periods at Rose, and that is completely manageable. After school, my favorite place to complete work is the Barnes & Noble Cafe or a local Starbucks. My friends and I agree that sometimes we can’t do work at home and we need a different atmosphere, so because of that, these two places are my go-to for getting any work done. 

     Before I go off to my favorite spots to study, when it comes to remembering to get work done, I have to write it down. Ever since I was in middle school I have always had a planner, whether it was mine or one the school provided for me. Writing down your assignments in a planner truly makes you remember them, plus I love marking off any work that I’ve completed and using my favorite pens to color code.

     Speaking of actually getting things done, procrastination is one of the biggest battles I fight throughout the school week. With having online classes, papers due and vocab quizzes, I sometimes find myself waiting until the last minute. A great way to combat procrastination is setting deadliness and little goals to complete work. If you have a big paper due, write paragraph by paragraph in smaller increments throughout the week. This strategy has never failed to help me complete large assignments for a class at a steady pace that doesn’t result in me cramming in work hours before the due date.

     The truth to getting anything accomplished comes with taking breaks. Finding little things you enjoy doing during breaks between homework or any schoolwork is a must. I love going on walks with friends and watching TV episodes in between my assignments. Little breaks like these help to give my brain a quick break so that I can come back recharged and ready to complete any task at hand. 

     Overall, once you create a steady routine for completing schoolwork in your day-to-day life, it becomes a lot easier to get anything done that comes your way.


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