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September 27th, 2019

Rose clubs push for powderpuff

WED. | 10-19-22 | NEWS

     Powderpuff football returns to Rose after not being held since 2014. Powderpuff is a football game where each grade has a team of female student athletes that compete against each other depending on their grade. It will take place on Friday, Oct. 21 at 6 P.M. and the event is being held by the Student Government Association (SGA) and Dream Team.

     “Mrs. Haynes, Ms. Davis and I have all worked very hard to plan powderpuff in hopes to get us back to normal after covid, '' SGA student body president Layne Mills said.

     There are requirements that must be fulfilled for each player to play.

     "Only student-athletes are eligible to play in this year's powderpuff game, '' Mills said. “Additionally, there are steps that each participant must complete before playing, including a safety waiver and you must prove that you were on a J.H. Rose sports roster then you get a spot.”

     SGA advisor Luisa Haynes has been wanting to bring powderpuff back since it left Rose due to injuries.

      “My role in bringing back powderpuff is trying to make sure that we can have an event that is


Photo by Colin Everette

fun but safe and the students had really asked about bringing it back,” Haynes said. “We have had to kind of think some things through and I just pray that everybody plays by the rules and we can just have fun.” 

     Dream Team advisor Amanda Davis believes it will be difficult to prepare, but hopes everything will work out. 

     “We have to make sure we have all the right materials, all the right teachers and administration that are willing to make sure it runs smoothly; we have to get security just like we would for any other football game to make sure the environment is safe,” Davis said. “We have to get all the players and coaches, all the people involved and all of them have to sign waivers and get permission to do everything.”

     Mills and Davis both plan to keep the event going throughout the coming years as long as everything goes to plan and everyone stays safe.

      “I have actually been working with some of the juniors and planning it and kind of showing them how to do it so hopefully they will carry it on and hopefully teach their younger peers as well,” Mills said. 

     Mills, Haynes and Davis look forward to the powderpuff game this year and encourage all female student athletes that are interested to participate.

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