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 Biggs brothers bond on the football field

TUE| 11-7-23 | SPORTS

Sports staff writter TY WILLIAMS

High School football is a privilege given to students. Two students in particular are standing out in their positions in the classroom and on the field, and they happen to be brothers.

     Born in Monroe, North Carolina, Justin and Jamere Biggs started playing football at 10 and six. At first Justin felt that football was not what he was meant to do until aid from his father, where his passion for the sport would grow.

      His love for the sport spilt into his younger brother Jamere, as he would soon follow his own path onto the Rose football field. The brothers found themselves moving to Greenville where Justin would attend John Paul II Catholic High School and Jamere would attend P.S. Jones Middle School.

    “[At] JPII, it’s a lower level of football,” Jamere said. “It’s not the same as Rose, it’s a big level of football over here, like this is a high level of competition.”

     Playing football at the next level comes with hard work and dedication to the sport. Older brother Justin believes that his efforts were worth the time put into the offseason.

      “I really started to take it serious when I saw the work paid off,” Justin said. “I would do a lot of off work off time, by myself and it really[helped me] improve.”  


Photo by Anna Porter
Jamere Biggs #11
The Rampants defeated D.H. Conley 39-29

    At the end of his sophomore year, Justin found himself more in love with football than ever before and awaiting better competition. His feelings about football led him to switch schools where he would play at the 3A/4A High School level.

      After winning the Football Conference Championship and placing second in the state championship in the 2021 season, Rose put themselves on the map as a top competitor in the 3A conference.

     This sparked interest in now senior Justin Biggs to come play for Rose.

     Transferring from John Paul II, Biggs felt a position change was necessary for the success at his new school. Switching from running back to wide receiver, Biggs found his calling as a player and a man.

     “At John Paul it was way easier so I wasn’t really being challenged, " Biggs said. “Now that I’m being challenged I [have] to bring different traits out the bag, It’s just a challenge I overcame.”

      Jamere had a decision to make about high school and where he wanted to attend. Watching his older brother transfer to Rose made the decision clear. Finding himself on the defensive side of the field, Jamere played cornerback where he would find himself lined up against Justin.

      “You know he’s good but it’s fairly easy to me,” Jamere said. “He might be good to everyone else, but he’s still[my] little bro at the end of the day.”

     Stepping on the field and lining up against a sibling is challenging especially when they know you are the best.

     “He knows me well so he knows the things that I do like and don’t like,” Justin said. “If anything he knows me better than anybody, so he’s going to make me work the Hardest.”

      Their relationship comes before football. The Biggs brothers keep their relationship really close. Throughout their football careers, they’ve used this relationship to motivate each other and elevate each other to another level.

     “He pushes me to be the best version of myself, because we both want to get to the same goal and get in school,” Jamere said.

     Through football, players form relationships with the coaches and teammates. These relationships create memories and bonds that can last a Lifetime.

     “It has improved me as a player and a person and I’m very thankful for it.” Justin said.

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