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September 27th, 2019

Award recognises Beasley going above and beyond 

SUN. | 06-06-21 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     Health sciences instructor Kendall Beasley was awarded the Ross Orthodontics Teacher Appreciation Award on Friday, May 7. Beasley was nominated by a former Rose student, Montasia Foreman, who is attending Fayetteville State University 

     This award is an award that recognizes 25 teachers in Pitt County specifically during Teacher Appreciation week which was Monday, May 3 through Friday, May 7. Rose students and alumni can nominate any teacher for the award to receive a $100 gift card.

     “For Teacher Appreciation week this year and as a part of our ongoing “Difference Makers” series, we asked folks to nominate a teacher on our FaceBook page who had made a significant impact and who they wanted to be recognized.” Practice Director Kathleen Hollowell said, “We received hundreds of nominations…everything from college level instructors to preschool teachers!” 

     The teacher that Ross Orthodontics is looking for is a teacher that goes above and beyond to teach their students and be a role model for students in the community.

     “The nominations that we received described teachers who went above and beyond their job role.” Hollowell said, “They were folks who were described as kind, supportive, sweet,

beasley graphic.jpg

Photo contributed by Ross Orthodontics

dedicated, motivating, fun, genuine, helpful, amazing, and a beaming light!”

     In order to nominate a favorite teacher, all you have to do is comment on the social applications called Facebook or Instagram. This is open for any Pitt County students or alumni.

     “The nomination process was extremely simple,” Foreman said. “All I had to do was comment on [the post] my name, teachers name and school, and why I think they deserved the award.”

     Beasley has been a teacher at Rose for four years. Beasley tries to make a connection with all of her students that will carry on throughout their lives. 

     “I nominated Mrs. Beasley because she’s been one of the most impactful teachers to me,” Foreman said. “She’s stayed in touch with me even after high school, and she always seemed to make me smile.”

     Foreman was never a student that was taught under Beasley but they built their connection just through a few short “hellos” through the hallways. Before receiving notice of her award, Beasley was unaware that she had even been nominated for the award.

     “I figured out that I had won the award by the Ross Orthodontics tooth mascot standing outside my classroom door window,” Beasley said.

     The Ross Orthodontics Teacher Appreciation Award recognizes teachers for their hard work throughout a COVID-19 filled year. The amount of award recipients was increased from 5 to 25. Receiving these awards can help teachers buy the necessary items to improve teaching conditions. 

      “Ross [Orthodontics] had the quote of what Montasia sent in blown up [font] and written on a posterboard when I received my award,” Beasley said, “Having that poster hanging up in my classroom means more to me than the prize from the award.”

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