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September 27th, 2019

Avett art exhibit arrives in Greenville

MON. | 11-28-22 | NEWS

     A new art exhibition recently came to town. Thursday, Oct. 6, and Friday Oct. 7, Scott Avett’s: “After the Fact” exhibition started at the Greenville Museum of Art. It showcased Avett’s art and he made an appearance. 

    “He was there and he talked to everyone,” Rose sophomore Jackson Holder said. “[The exhibition] had one of his new pieces in there too; it was new and just being debuted there.” 

     Avett is originally from Concord, NC and is a graduate of East Carolina University (ECU).

     “He went to the ECU college of art and design and majored in fine arts,” Orchestra director and exhibition attendee Betsy Hughes said.

     Avett and his brother, Seth Avett, founded the Avett Brothers Band together in 2000.

    “Their music is folk,” Holder said. “They're from the mountains here.”

      The exhibition featured an array of Avett’s art. It consisted of oil paintings, prints and album covers. 

     “[The exhibit had] beautiful use of color [and] larger than life depictions of everyday life,” Hughes said.


Photo by Averi Simpson 

     Tickets were sold for members of the Greenville art museum to attend this event and there was a cap set on the number of attendees for both Thursday and Friday night. 

    Avett talked to attendees of the exhibition. 

     “I liked that we got to talk to him, it was cool,” Holder said. “He talked about being an artist and that everyone is an artist.” 

     This is not Hughes’ first Avett exhibit. She saw his art displayed at the North Carolina Museum of art in Raleigh a few years ago. 

     “It was exciting to see someone who has come through Greenville, lived in Greenville [and] to see this work come to life [and] to see someone do very well in the world of visual and performing arts,” Hughes said. 

     The Avett exhibition was Holder’s first art exhibit but he was previously fond of the Avett Brothers’ music. Although he had some prior interests, Holder says the event made him more interested in art. 

     The Avett “After the Fact” Exhibition will stay in Greenville until January of 2023. 

     Anyone interested in art, music or an overall intriguing experience should attend the exhibition while it is around. 

     “I am always a huge advocate of the performing arts and visual arts and any time any type of work is on display in our hometown, I encourage anyone to go see,” Hughes said. 

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