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Ava Alger, Staff Writer

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     Ava Alger is a sophomore at JH Rose and is currently in her second semester of Journalism! Her first section she wrote for was Features as a Staff writer. She loved writing for Features because there is a wide variety of topics that she could write about and it was interesting to hear personal stories from some of the students. This year she is writing as a Features Staff Writer. She joined Journalism her freshman year because she heard many older students suggest it as a great class to take. Ava recommends this class because it has helped her discover many new ways for writing and different techniques. Outside of school, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and loves to travel! Being a Rampant Lines writer, Ava believes that it helps her stay up to date on the current updates around Rose. In this class, she has been able to make many new connections with others that she thought she wouldn’t have before. One of her favorite tasks to do in Journalism is “From the Halls” and interviewing people. Ava is excited to welcome the new students into Journalism and to help guide them. She hopes to continue to improve her writing skills and to learn more about the class. 

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