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AP Exam Changes


     Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, many schools have been ordered to shut down their campuses. This has caused schools to resort to offering all classes online. Along with class changes, alterations have been made to the AP exam schedule. 

     The College Board sent out an email to AP students and teachers on April 3 containing updates about the new changes and requirements for AP exams. As stated in the email, exams will be held online from May 11-22. The makeup test dates will be June 1-5. Students are to take these at home online; however, if the schools reopen they are able to take them there as well. Students are able to take exams on any device they have access to, and there are some schools that are lending computers for students to use.

     Because the exams are now being held online, the exam layout has been changed as well. For the most part, each exam will have two free response questions that will be timed separately. The College Board has suggested that students access their exam 30 minutes prior to ensure login goes smoothly. They have also added an additional five minutes to the exam time for uploading.

     “The questions will be skill-based so students will need to know how to put it all together, but this could be an advantage to them,” social studies teacher Amity Kea said. “This year is going to be all about preparation and knowing the technology, rather than endurance.”

     Some teachers and students have concerns about this because it is something that they have never done before. However, there are some benefits that come with it. 

     “I think we all have to adjust to what the situation is and make the best of it because there are some upsides,” Kea said. “Students can prepare their environments and test where they are comfortable and they can have their notes and review packets set up.”

     For courses such as Art Design: 2D, Art Design: 3D, Computer Science Principles, Drawing, Seminar and Research, students will not have normal exams. Instead, students will submit portfolios for grading. Along with this, students who are taking language and culture exams will be instructed to complete two spoken tasks as well as free response questions. 

     When surveyed, the majority of AP teachers and students wanted to have the exams earlier while the material would still be fresh. From this survey, The College Board officially decided to move exams online. Many students and teachers have mixed feelings about this change; however, they agree that it is best for everyone's health and safety.

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