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September 27th, 2019

AP elections electrify students

THU. | 12-7-23 | NEWS


     Every year in Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics ,social studies teacher Liza Knight holds a mock senate election project, where students in the class are to pick who they would like to run for United States Senate of North Carolina.

     This year's candidates were senior Murray Hughes, senior Malaysha Hardy, junior Jacob Isenhour and senior Caroline Clark.

     Hughes was representing the SOAP party. His platform was based on educating America, protecting individual rights, keeping America fair, etc. SOAP stands for serving our American people. Hughes is devoted to the work he puts into the creation of his platform. 



Photo by Gabriela Castillo

     “I’m pretty passionate about it just because of the amount of work… because there are a lot of parts that are really fun,” Hughes said. “You can be creative with your advertising and the creation of your platform.”

     Hardy, who was representing the BOAT party, also recognized the benefit of running as a candidate and believes participating in the elections can point her in the right direction for what she wants to do after high school. 

     “I do want to be a lawyer, so I feel that would help me move into that direction,” Hardy said. “The main two majors in law are political science and English, [and] I do want to be an English major, so I feel that has helped me think about what major I would be more interested in.”

     Hardy feels strongly about the elections.

     “I would say that I’m dedicated because [I] have spent so much time working on it and trying to get [our] party out there,” Hardy said.

     Isenhour, who was representing the STAR party, Also wants to go into the political field which is why he ran in the elections now. 

     “I want to be a lawyer, and eventually move into politics maybe as I get older and open up a nice law firm,” Isenhour said.

     Clark, who was representing the CLEAN party, had a platform based on the economy, education system and healthcare system. She represented the people and was passionate about the elections. 

     “I like to represent the people and I think the project is a good way to get to know the government,” Clark said.

     On Nov. 4 the candidates had a debate, moderated by Knight, where candidates represented their party and gave information to the viewers on why they should be  senator.

     “I felt the debate went well for all the candidates, everyone was able to express their views and the voters were able to gain understanding of what the candidates believe,” Hughes said.

     On Tue, Nov. 7 all social studies classes were allowed to vote for who they think would be a best fit for senator. On Wed, Nov 8 Murray Hughes was selected for U.S senator. 

     “It feels pretty good, just to see all my hard work and all my campaign team's hard work finally paid off, We put in a lot of hours to make something like this happen,” Hughes said. “They made food, posters, wrote scripts, they helped each other out and helped me prepare for things like the debate, so it feels great.”

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