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Rushing sets the stage for success

SUN. | 11-07-21 | FEATURES

     Rose junior Anna Rushing finds enjoyment outside of school in the arts.

     Rushing is involved in many activities inside and outside of school such as theatre, Greenville Choral Society Board of Executives, and Greenville Choral Society (where she sings for people). Rushing is also soon to be in International Thespian Society.

     In addition to these extracurricular activities, she also challenges herself with difficult classes, resulting in a large workload. 

     “I do not have any more time left in my day,” Rushing said.

     Even though she is not a stranger to hard work, like everyone, Rushing still gets stressed from time to time.

     One way that Rushing avoids getting too overwhelmed is channeling her stress out through music. Whether she is singing or running lines, just being around music helps her to unwind and destress.

     “I've grown up around music,” Rushing said. “Both of my parents were involved in the arts; That’s what I was raised on and raised around.”

     Rushing is a big fan of broadway and enjoys theatre. 

     “I love singing, being in front of an audience and being able to connect with the people involved in theatre,'' Rushing said.

     Rushing is drawn to the stage because of the people around it.

Anna Rushing_edited.jpg

Photo by Katharine Gauland

     “The community that surrounds theatre is always very accepting and inviting,” Rushing said. “It’s a very tight knit group and I really enjoy that.”

     The hours she spends rehearsing takes a lot of motivation. Rushing states that her reasons for working hard comes from her parents and their productivity, as well as their healthy balance of work and play.  

     “I definitely get inspiration from my parents; they are both very busy people,” Rushing said. “He [her father] always makes time to go to my mom's rehearsal, and go to our softball games or baseball games.”

     Some advice from Rushing is to find something/things you are passionate about and get involved with it. She stresses the importance of taking it day-by-day. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't work ahead, but rather it means to not let the future overwhelm you. She also recommends making sure to not overcommit. 

     “It’s important to be able to know your limits before you reach them,” Rushing said. 

     Excellence is something that all students should strive for, and Rushing is no exception. She works extremely hard inside and outside of school; whether it is her challenging classes or the hours she puts into rehearsing.

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