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Students express disappointment regarding postponed Aladdin Musical


The rise of COVID-19 has altered the schedule of many school events at Rose. ‘Aladdin The Musical’ was originally supposed to be a live performance taking place at Rose on April 2-4 by students of our school. However, the musical has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


“We’re adapting [the traditional movie of Aladdin] into a play, but we’re adding a lot of singing, dancing, and extra characters,” sophomore Brena Gauland said.


However, the musical is not cancelled. There are no official dates set yet, but it will be performed in the fall of the upcoming school year.


The cancellation of different school events has brought many mixed emotions among the students who were supposed to be participating. For many of the students at Rose, the events would have been the last of their high school experiences. 


“Theatre, for me, has always been the outlet that I had for the past four years,” senior Alicia Delgado said. “It was hard to understand that I wasn’t going to close off my season as I thought I would.”


Although the past event cancellations have been disappointing to seniors, all grades are affected by the change. 


“I was really upset because I have been in every single show Rose has had since my freshman year,” Gauland said. “My heart is really going out to all the seniors because some of them have been doing this for four years and the fact that they can’t do their last show is really heartbreaking.”


The cast of Aladdin has been rehearsing for this performance since December 2019. Although they have not been able to perform this musical in front of an audience yet, the cast was given the opportunity to perform two one-act plays in December.


“I hope that everyone will be able to come out and see us in the fall when we reschedule,” Gauland said. “There will be some seniors that are going to ECU or Pitt, so hopefully they will be able to continue rehearsing with us.”


Some seniors will be leaving town in the fall for college and will not be able to participate in Aladdin; however, Delgado will still be involved with the show. 


“I will be at ECU, so I will be able to watch,” Delgado said. “I’m still planning on choreographing.”


Although it is upsetting for the cast to postpone their performance, they will be ready for their audience to watch them live this fall. 

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