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Affordable prices are not a girl’s best friend

SAT.| 5-20-23 | OPINION

     Growing up, I've always noticed that being a girl was more expensive than being a boy. Men's underwear and bathing suits are almost always cheaper than women's. Women also have to buy bras and menstruation products. Almost all of the products that we use every day are being priced more expensive than men’s products.

     Underwear, bras and women's bathing suits are always so expensive for being such small pieces of clothing which doesn't make sense whatsoever. Unlike shirts, pants or dresses, which require several yards of fabric to create, bathing suits, underwear and bras use much less material. This means that the cost of the fabric alone is significantly less, and the overall cost of production is lower as well, meaning that retail prices for these products should be lower.

     These items are often made with less expensive materials. While there are certainly expensive brands that use high-

more expensive to b a girl.png

Graphic by Edie Yount

quality fabrics and materials, many affordable bathing suits, underwear and bras are made with synthetic materials that are less expensive than natural fibers like cotton or silk.

     Good quality, name-brand bathing suits for women can be up to $120, and low-quality bathing suits that aren't name-brand can be about $20 which is more cost-effective. Contrastingly, name-brand men’s swimwear can be about $60. When buying low-quality bathing suits, you aren't guaranteed a long-lasting product. The cost of bras can range from $15 to $150 which is quite expensive. Underwear for men is about $20 for a pack of three or four while womens can range from seven dollars to $30 for a pack of about five which varies depending on what kind you get because of the major gaps in prices for men and women's products, I feel like if the product uses less material it should cost less.

     In the mid-1990’s the term “pink tax” was popularized. This showed how women's products compared to men’s always having a slight price increase. For example, women's deodorant is more expensive than men's. Women also have to purchase menstruation products which are in the $10 range and significantly add up over time. I feel as though these products should be free because it's not like we have a choice to use these products.

     I understand how bathing suits could have higher prices because if the company wants the product to last, then they use good quality materials. Some bathing suits are over $100 which is absolutely absurd. Some people like to spend money on name brands, and some feel that if they don't they could run into the issue of others judging them. I honestly just want a cute bathing suit that is good quality that won't cost me an arm and a leg. 

     A factor that drives up the cost of bathing suits for girls is the design and innovation involved in creating them. Many swimwear brands invest heavily in research and development to create new and unique designs that appeal to consumers. These designs often require additional materials and production processes, which brings up the cost of the final product.

     My favorite high-quality bathing suit brands would be Triangl, Blackbough, LSPACE and Kulani’s Kinins, but they are very pricey. These brands use durable materials so you know you're getting a long-lasting product. Other brands I like that are less expensive, but still have good quality products, are Pacsun, Bright Swimwear and Target. These brands still have cute designs but the colors of the materials tend to fade. For men, the most popular brands would probably be Chubbies and Vineyard Vines, and if you are looking for a bathing suit for men or women Target has a good selection. 

     In conclusion, being a girl is often associated with a significant financial load, which can have long-lasting effects on their quality of life. From higher clothing costs to healthcare expenses and beyond, the financial challenges that girls face are real and pervasive.

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