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Advisory proves to be pointless

MON.| 11-28-22 | OPINION

     Advisory is a 20 minute time period occurring after first period where every student at Rose has to attend an assigned classroom where they do absolutely nothing. Unless you're a freshman. The concept of advisory is a great idea and could be very effective, if done properly and taken seriously. 

     The point of advisory is to acquire information you may not know about, to learn about Refresh at the beginning of the year, to receive a report card or hear about upcoming events. Upperclassmen already have knowledge of everything that is mentioned in advisory, therefore advisory becomes repetitive, and students don’t go because attendance is not taken. Advisory initially helps students, but from

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 2.18.51 PM.png

Graphic by Shea Jenkins

then on 20 minutes is not needed every other week to sit there with no purpose.

     The time spent in advisory could go towards something else. For example, class periods could extend for extra learning time or even have a designated period for clubs to meet like Student Government Association(SGA), Future Business Leaders of America(FBLA), Dream Team etc. Another alternative that could influence positive mindsets for the day would be to have a break after first period to clear your mind. This time could be beneficial for many students. We could be encouraged to be productive for the rest of the day by utilizing that time period. The time period could even add extra time for our core classes. 

     There have also been problems with advisory such as the schedule change. Many students do not have a first period and usually directly after first period teachers and administration yell across the hallway during the class change that we have an advisory that day. Other days, when many think we have advisory, we may not and students don't realize it. The schedule is not always consistent causing more issues. Then we have students roaming the halls that are trying to figure out where to go, and are then late to advisory of their next class. For the kids that don’t have a first period, they don’t get to hear the loud announcement across the main hallway that first period kids do if there is advisory for that day. Therefore they are usually late to their second, third or fourth period because of the schedule change. The communication with the schedule change is an entirely different issue connecting to advisory. The schedule change leads to teacher and student confrontation at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) entrance specifically and many other entrances because some may not have an off campus pass. Organization and a regular schedule for this time could help these recurring problems. 

     Advisory could be used for so much more than it is now and there are so many solutions to do so. The time is so pointless to where the students are just leaving or skipping because attendance won't be taken. Advisory ultimately does more harm than good and although the intent for the time period is good, it just isn't used for what it could accomplish. 

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