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Advisory Council aids students through connection and development

FRI. | 05-14-21 | NEWS

     Rose Advisory Council is the newly established organization for all of the Booster Organizations at Rose. The Booster Organizations include: Academic Boosters, Band Boosters, Orchestra Boosters, Athletic Boosters, Theater Boosters, SGA, ROTC, and Rose Appearance Committee.

     Rose provides advisory services to allow students to build a strong relationship with their adviser, so that they know they have an advocate in the school, are for support and have someone they can go to for feedback or assistance. There are currently seven members of the Rose Advisory Council. The people who are involved in this council are Heather Eveleth-President, Marjorie Ringler-Co-President, Sandra Camacho-Bond, Jill Casey, Alecia Delamere, John Ogle, and Melanie White.

     Rose Advisory Council has a mission statement that enforces the aims and values of the school. The Mission statement of the Advisory Council is to facilitate communication among parents, the community, and school leadership, coordinate the efforts of booster/parent 

Advisory Council Quote Graphic.png

Graphic by Emily Mitchum

organizations [and] promote school spirit and academic excellence.

     “The mission statement of the Advisory Council is to advise the principal on all aspects of student life, including the impact of policies and administrative decisions on students and their families,” President of the Advisory Council Heather Eveleth said. 

     The Advisory Council is used to improve the atmosphere of school. It is utilized to build the relationships of students to their advisors and peers. Students can also connect through class discussions, classroom decision making and activities.

     “In addition to carrying out our mission statement, the Advisory Council sells Rampant wear to encourage school spirit,” Eveleth said. “We also host a ‘back to school’ faculty and staff lunch in August each year,” Eveleth said. 

     Advisory Member meetings have been moved to Zoom and they meet about once per month with the Principal of Rose, the presidents of each of the parent booster organizations and a representative for SGA. 

     “We have probably not had as many issues to discuss, or maybe just different issues due to the impact of COVID,” Rose Advisory Member Melaine White said. “But we have continued to meet, whether on Zoom or in a socially distanced setting at school.”

     Advisory Members are selected by an application process when there are vacancies that need to be filled out to meet the requirements.  

     “Rose Advisory Council members are selected by an application process when there are vacancies that need to be filled,” Heather Eveleth said, “We were accepting applications until May 7.”

     The Advisory Council has done many projects to improve student life and the school. The Advisory Council is responsible for the supply and selling of Rampant Wear to encourage school spirit. 

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