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Counselors update and encourage students during coronavirus


     Students at Rose have been out of school since March 13. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many of the faculty have been trying their hardest to make sure all students are taken care of while providing the best learning experience possible. 

     Not only for Rose, but for schools across the county, extreme precautions have been put in place to keep all students safe. Teachers and administrators have also experienced a learning curve as they’ve put together lessons virtually to benefit their students.

     Rose counselor Martha Dudley has been updating students throughout the virus. 

     “There are so many online options the teachers are learning and using now,” Dudley said. 

     Teachers are using many different ways to communicate with students. Canvas and Google Classroom are two of many apps that teachers are using to keep students updated on their work. Zoom, online face to face communication, is also another app teachers are using.

     For many students this has become the most difficult part of the school year. Switching over from hands-on learning to online learning has been an uneasy transition.

     “Typically I say that online classes are more work,” Dudley said. “Teachers are making up for that time you miss face-to-face.” 

     It has been a set rule that teachers should give out about 45 minutes worth of work per day. Depending on the class and the student, 45 minutes could take an hour or more.

     Though this is a new way of learning, students are still responsible for getting their work turned in on time with accuracy.

     “School is ultimately about learning, and layering the skills you learn,” Dudley said. 

     Not only have our teachers worked hard during this time, but our team of janitors have as well. 

     “The custodial staff is working hard to keep the building sanitized,” Rose counselor Chynna Grady said. 

     Our cafeteria staff is working hard as well. They have been preparing meals for students who are not able to eat breakfast or lunch at home. Similar to students, teachers also have to work from home. Only the administration, janitors and cafeteria staff will be in the building.

     Learning is not the only focus for the Rampant community. The idea of returning back to school and continuing the plans that were made for the end of the school year is still up in the air.

     “We have a tentative return date of May 15 as of now,” Grady said. “We will not know for certain until closer to that date.”

     Being out of school was a shock for all, but knowing that we may not be returning could result in a devastating ending for students, mostly for seniors.

     “[Prom] is still up for discussion,” Dudley said.

     Although there has not been a set yes or no answer for if prom is being canceled, principal Monica Jacobson has posted videos on Canvas discussing that the original prom date of April 25 has been canceled, and the administration is discussing the possibility of rescheduling.

     Graduation is also another big event that could possibly be canceled. No information on cancellation has been provided by the school at this moment.

     Administration will continue to keep us updated as dates get closer to approaching. Throughout this time, the Rose faculty encourages us students to continue to use good hygiene and focus on getting work done. They say that they have not forgotten their students and they truly miss seeing them every day. 

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