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252 All-Star Team’s first victory against 919

TUES| 1-10-22 | SPORTS

     The 252 vs. 919 area code game is a high school football all-star game that displays the best talent in eastern North Carolina. Rose had four players playing in this game including senior quarterback Will Taylor and senior defensive back Jaceire Daniels-Waller.

     Taylor feels this game is a great way to show what he is capable of, because he is playing against the best players in eastern North Carolina.

     “This game features the most talented players in the 252 and 919 regions of the state,” Taylor said.” It is a great way to showcase my talent.”

     In order to win this game, Taylor feels the team will need to be able to make difficult plays and he thinks that he fits the role of doing just that.


Photo By Elliot Flinchbaugh

      “The best part of my game is being able to make difficult plays which we will need to do in the game in order to win,” Taylor said.

     Since the 252 teams is made up of the best players in the area code, this meant that Rose players were on the same team as players from their fiercest rival, Conley.

     “At the end of the day they [Conley] are still our rivals but on the field, I think we will play as a family,” Taylor said. “We will have bonding time together to just get to know each other.”

     However, Daniels-Waller thinks they might have a more difficult time getting along on a team together.

     “It might be hard just because we have never played on the same team together,” Daniels-Waller said.

     The game got off to a bit of a shaky start, but after halftime, the 252 teams kicked it into gear and started to play well as a team. The 252 team was able to get revenge after losing last year to the 919 teams.

     “In the second half our offense started clicking which led to scores,” Taylor said.

     Taylor thinks the most valuable player (MVP) from the game was Ajani (Jani) Farmer, a senior from Rose, who was named the defensive MVP.

     “Jani Farmer was the best player in the game,” Taylor said. “He helped us get a lot of stops on defense.”

     After playing the game with players from rival schools, Taylor believes playing against his rival is easier than playing with his rival.

     “It was definitely harder than I thought it would be,” Taylor said. “Once I got to really know how they play we cooperated well.”

     The game got off to a rough start, but once the defense started to create stops, the offense was able to get rolling, especially in the passing game which led the 252 teams to its first 252 vs. 919 all-star game victory with a final score of 20-17.

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